Sheri, 5th grader, uses 2 transformation matrices on the dog

The first matrix in red Sheri made up, in red, didn't change the dog and was the matrix that acted as 1 in multiplication. The 2nd matrix, in blue, reflected the dog in the line x=y, producing the inverse!

See Don's book "Changing Shapes With Matrices" and sample problems from this book.
Sheri writes 64 using exponents
Sheri solves the quadratic equation x2 - x - 1 = 0
Sheri finds the base for Don's age of   114? = 7110
Sheri uses the quadratic formula to find base for Don's age of   114? = 7110
Sheri finds the measure of an inscribed angle
Sheri uses binary numerals to make the Magic Number Game cards
Sheri decreases the size of a shell using the pantograph
Sheri moves a parabola and finds the equation
Sheri finds the ratio of The Volume of a Pyramid / The Volume of a Cube (3 ways)
Sheri works with the sand pendulum
Sheri figures out a rule for The Tower Puzzle
Sheri starts Trig

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