7. "Changing Shapes With Matrices"
ISBN 9780962167430; 80 pp.; 8 1/2x11";  Paper on SALE $4.50; also on Don's 2-disk CD set with all his materials @$70.95

In this new, Don shows how young people can do matrix transformations

Valorie, age 11, made up a matrix that caused a change (or transformation) in the shape of a dog, similar to the one D'Arcy Thompson talked about with fish in his 1917 classic 'On Growth and Form', also shown in the book 'The Art of Graphics for the IBM PC' written in 1986! Exciting stuff!

Preface: Why transformations and why matrices?
A Map to Transformations
Chapter 1: Plotting points - graphing linear equations
Chapter 2: Grocery store arithmetic to multiply matrices
Chapter 3: Steps to do a transformation and a point-by-point restatement of Valerie's work
Chapter 4: Questions and other student work
Chapter 5: Some special matrices
Appendix 1: Selected answers
Appendix 2: Transformations without matrices
Appendix 3: Graph paper to copy
Appendix 4: Computer programs to do the transformations
Appendix 5: Bibliography
Appendix 6: The 81-2x2 matrices using only 1's, 0's or -1's, and their rules

 Bruce Artwick, in his "Flight Simulator" computer program (now sold by Microsoft), changes the heading , pitch and bank of an airplane, by rotating it around three different axes, as well as translations and scaling, in moving the airplane. He uses matrices to do these transformations and for us to simulate the plane's flight. Don shows how young people can make these 2-D changes.

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