Grace, age 10, writes about teaching

'There are many teachers who are boring and not original. They do not make learning fun, they do not explain things clearly, and avoid letting youngsters do "challenging" work. However, there are ideal and exceptional teachers who are just the opposite. I believe that a mathematics teacher name Mr. Donald Cohen is one of those ideal and exceptional teachers.

Mr. Donald Cohen is an ideal and exceptional teacher because he is creative and makes learning fun. While other teachers try to bore you down with memorizations of math terms, he encourages students to explore and make mistakes.

He believes that it is not impossible for youngsters to do anything. On the other hand, other teachers think that youngsters cannot do something because it is challenging and new. However, Mr. Donald Cohen actually thinks that youngsters can do more than adults!

He explains things in a way that is very easy to understand. Some teachers tell students to memorize formulas, which can be complicating to understand. On the contrary, Mr. Donald Cohen teaches us by helping us visualize the math terms and figuring it out. He says, "Visualization is key".

To be an ideal teacher, the teacher must be creative, make learning fun, believe that a student can do anything, and explain things in an easy way. Mr. Donald Cohen has those qualities and more. Therefore, he is an ideal and exceptional teacher'.

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