Maya will be in 8th grade next year, taking algebra 1.

Don started by listing N (in the left-hand column), then told Maya "you are going to find the logarithm of N, or the log of N, base 10 by guessing. So if N= 0, what is your guess for the log 0? Maya guessed 0, and put that in column 3. Then she used a calculator to find log 0 and got "No answer", and put that (NA) in column 2. Then she was asked what the log 1 would be; she guessed 1 and for the second column answer, the calculator gave 0. So the log 1 = 0, or we could say it "the log of 1, base 10, equals 0". For the moment, we'll just say the log 1 = 0, assuming he base here is always 10. From now on, write the the log of N as a number with 3 decimal digits. Don said, "now just keep going and see if you can find a pattern in the numbers in the 2nd column".


                                                                   GREAT JOB MAYA!!!