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  Has Don's worksheet book been in your basement for the past two years, unused? As a parent or teacher do you have trouble understanding where Don is going? See some tips from Don about using his materials.

Don's support in using his materials


21 August 2012  "Hi Don,

I receive the DVD yesterday. Thank you. I am a high school math teacher and will be teaching calculus this fall. I was searching for materials and I find your material through this linkhttp://www.awesomelibrary.org/Classroom/Mathematics/Middle-High_School_Math/Calculus.html
I look through some of the problems in your book and it emphasizes
critical thinking skills. It also presented them in a way that students or kids will not be overwhelmed with the math symbols and language.

Thanks for putting up lot of examples of hands on activity on your website. I will probably look through those for ideas too.

Enjoy your summer with your family

14 February 2006 After purchasing Don's book and CD, Don received this email: "Thank you very much.   I am a former math teacher, now a principal, and my wife is a math and science teacher.  We are always looking for new challenges for our children, ages 17, 14, 9 and 6.  When I saw one of my middle school math teachers using your materials for her own kids, I decided I'd like to try them out.  I'll let you know how they work once we've had an opportunity to try them out on our 9 year-old math genius! Thanks, S.P."   - from CA

On 13 January, 2006, a CD-ROM with his book "Calculus By and For Young People-Worksheets" (below), and its package, was completed and sent out to people who ordered it!


On 22 March 2006, Don decided to put all his materials on 1 or 2 CD's!!

10 December 2005 - 2 February 2006 The story of Don's CD:

 Rainbow Resource Center is one of Don's fine distributors, for homeschooling families and schools. They asked Don if they could put his CD-ROM with his book "Calculus By and For Young People-Worksheets" and his poster-flowchart "A Map to Calculus"- in addition to his three books and two videotapes- into their new extensive catalog for 2006-2007. Of course he was delighted to do this. Don didn't have a nice package for the CD and needed an ISBN for it and the Map and bar codes for these and his "Changing Shapes With Matrices".

For the disc, the ISBN is 0962167479, and for his "A Map to Calculus" the ISBN is 0962167487. Don also had bar codes made for these and his book "Changing Shapes With Matrices" as well. (He also has the new global 13- digit ISBN for all his materials, needed by 1 January 2007). He will now be able to sell all his materials at Rainbow Resource Center (online and from their catalog), amazon.com , half.com and Baker & Taylor. See where his Japanese and English books are being sold around the world. It's all very exciting!

Knowing that Don would be phasing out the paperback version of his worksheet book, on 2 February, 2006 Rainbow Resource Center ordered 100 of Don's worksheet books, some CD's and some Maps!

The reason Don is phasing out the paperback version of his worksheet book (unless he gets a grant to print more), is due to high printing costs,  the big discount he has to give amazon.com, plus shipping costs to them. Rainbow Resource Center has the 45, amazon has some, and Don has none left.


11 November 2005 N. D., from GA, after purchasing all of Don's materials, wrote:

"Hi Don,

My son is 7 and in 2nd grade.  He understands basic algebra, ratios/percentages and adding/subtracting fractions but your approach seemed much more direct and visual than mine has been so far.  I googled basic calculus and found your site.  My son and I enjoyed the practice problems available there.  I'm just an amateur mathematician, but enjoy it a lot.  I look forward to using your material with my daughters as well in a few years. They are 4 and 7 months.  Thanks much for making math as simple as it can be!"

11 November 2005 James N. ordered Don's "A Map To Calculus" poster-flowchart. Don asked if he had his calculus books. He responded: "Yes, I have your other books and have been successfully teaching their "calculus" ideas this year to students ranging in ages 13-18". (In WA state).

16 June 2005
Don received this email from the UK: '..I am now a Head of Dept and thinking about how to try and shift our curriculum into one where students operate mathematically rather than rehearse algorithms and I guess I also now feel in a position where I could actually start working with my students on calculus and its beginnings and some of your ideas (in fact we do a project on matrices at the moment - which is one of the tasks our students enjoy most)..' ' Alf, UK, (after purchasing Don's 3 books).

12 June 2005 Don received this email from Japan: "Dear Don, Thank you for your rapid response. I will briefly introduce myself to you. I am a medical doctor, specialized in oncology. The Mathman website let me know your activity. And of course I have already read your two textbooks in Japanese. My child is 6 year old girl who is now learning at some international school.. She can speak both Japanese and English ..but she is neither a math-genius nor specially interested in numbers. She likes Disney Princesses very much. Anyway, I am very interested in your worksheet book because I hope to introduce mathematics to her through your Mathman strategy. I wish if she would participate at your homeschool during summer holidays in near future.- T.R., MD. from Japan (he purchased Don's worksheet book).

8 April 2005: Don received this email after Laura ordered Don's videotape #1.

Hi Don,

Yes, we do have your books, and think they're wonderful. I have two boys who love math, and we're looking forward to the videotape.
My husband has a PhD in physics, and he thinks your books are a great way to look at mathematical ideas -- so different from the usual textbooks.

(In fact, one of the reasons we started
homeschooling is that my younger son is gifted in math, and that didn't fit with our local public-school mentality. When he was in first grade, the teacher wanted the kids to write different ways to get "8", like 4+4, 5+3, 10-2, etc. When he wrote things like 20/2.5, she marked it wrong!!!)

Thanks so much, Laura (


On 15 April 2005 Don received an order from Singapore for all 7 of his items. Three weeks later he received an email from The U of Singapore Bookstore inquiring about the prices of his books!

2 April 2005: Don received this email:

Hi Don,
My children and I (
homeschoolers) are currently working with Lori Johnson in Kansas City.  She is absolutely wonderful and my children and I are flourishing!  We probably will be relocating to the Cape Coral, FL area. 

Could you please tell me if there are any tutors in Florida, specifically Cape Coral/Ft. Myers/Naples that use your materials and methods.

Thank you

28 February 2005 WOW look at this! Mellissa D. , with a son 6.5 yo, has taken the first couple of infinite series from Chapter 1 in Don's worksheet book and animated them. Take a look at this page and this. Great, isn't it? But not finished. If you can't view it, you can download a "flash player" here.

7 January 2005
 Within 2 days Don received 3 orders from Lubbock, Texas for his books 'Calculus By and For Young People (ages 7, yes 7 and up)' and 'Calculus By and For Young People-Worksheets'. He thought he saw a pattern. One of these people told Don that she was in a class called Mathematical Analysis/ Math for Middle School Specialists, taught by Dr. Jo Temple in the Texas Tech University Mathematics Department. Don's books were to be used in this class. In the next week he received a total of 13 orders like this. Then the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Lubbock ordered 20 books and 20 worksheet books from Don for the class!

Don talked on the phone with Dr. Temple on 14 January . She is using Don's books to show teachers how to raise expectations of their students. She was excited about the possibility that Don would work with her class sometime via instant messenger and his webcam.

Dr. Temple really read Don's worksheet book carefully, because she found the appendix in which Don gives problems for a Parent-Teacher workshop. She plans to do just that next summer.

Thank you Dr. Temple!

17 January 2005 In an email from Dr. Temple: ''Don, Thank you for writing the books.  I have looked at curriculum materials through the years and I get excited when I find something that I know will raise students' and teachers' expectations'.

11 October 2004 Don received an order for his books and Map from Hoover Liddell in San Francisco. He will be using Don's books with some 5th graders in an inner city school. He describes his earlier work using Don's materials in chapter 35 of his wonderful book "Journey from Kilimanjaro" .

5 September 2004 Don received this email: 'Dear Don, I have a 7 year old son, and I've been teaching him math on the weekends since he was 5.  I've also been volunteering at my son's school for the past 3 years, teaching advanced math to elementary school students.  I had never been able to find any math materials that taught math as I see math, and therefore I felt that I had no choice but to invent all my own materials.  A week ago I got your book and I haven't put it down yet.  It's so beautiful!  I can't wait to try out the worksheets at my son's school'.-- M., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science (M. found out about Don from a friend who has been using Don's worksheet book with her own 8 year old son).

8 October 2004 Don received this email: "Hi Don, Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my meeting with you. It really inspired me.  I've been telling my friends here about your math room.  We're going to incorporate your worksheets into our weekly after-school math club for kids. Hope we get to meet again. M. " [She came for a conference at UI].

18 August 2004,
a letter to Don: Dear Mr. Cohen, Thank you very much for giving me your "Calculus By and For Young People-Worksheets" book! I've been working with it, and the very first problem I tried gave me 3 new ideas (even though I got the problem wrong). In other math books and classes, getting problems wrong makes me feel a little stupid or careless, but with your material I can find a way to change my mistake into a whole new problem. Your classes last year made Geometry seem really interesting (even though most of the other students in my Geometry class were bored out of their minds), and I think being able to use your book this year will make Algebra II even better than Geometry. THANK YOU, Katy

30 July 2004 See a new page: Katy's discoveries about INFINITE SERIES

26 April 2004: "Dear Mr. Donald Cohen,

We are a literary & rights agency in Korea. Would you send us a sample copy of your Calculus by and for Young People if Korean rights are still available? Some of Korean publishers are interested in this work for possible translation.

Best wishes,

J.K. -Managing Director"

How people are using Don's materials

26 April 2004: Don received an order for his book "Changing Shapes With Matrices" and his "A Map to Calculus" , from Hugo in Belgium!

2 April 2004: Don found reference to his materials and website, in the book "Teaching Mathematics to Able Children" by Valsa Koshy , and in the book "Early Gifts: Recognizing and Nurturing Children's Talents" by Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, et al., and in the book "Fundamentals of Homeschooling: Notes on Successful Family Living" by Ann Lahrson-Fisher.
11 February 2004: Don received an order for a worksheet book from New Delhi, India!

6 January, 2004 From the new website catalogue of Ichthus Resources , Don's new distributor in the UK:

' "Calculus By and For Young People-Worksheets"; Suitable for age 7 and above and not just for the gifted. Hands-on explorations discover many concepts foundational to calculus. Don Cohen explores maths as an art and teaches techniques of discovery that improve ability to solve everyday problems. There is much crossover with science exploring the orderly design evident in creation e.g. pineapple leaves, chambered nautilus. Follow up questions take you beyond the immediate discovery. Suitable for questioning minds of all ages. Use at any time before doing calculus on a regular maths course since it teaches the concepts behind the numbers far better than traditional text books. Try sample problems from each chapter at Don's website www.mathman.biz/ '.- Thank you Sandra and David Bird !!

On 4 November, Christina from Seattle, sent this email: "Dear Don, I am enjoying your materials very much.  I am intrigued that some of your materials have been translated into Spanish [see above-Argentina].  This is wonderful.  I am teaching a group of bilingual (native Spanish AND English speakers) teachers a calculus "romp" at this week.  I would so much enjoy being able to tempt them with some materials in Spanish.   

Is there any chance you can e-mail me the materials which have been translated?   That would be so helpful. I would be happy to pay, of course, and give all the credit where it's due.
I will try to send you an account of the three-day workshop when I return!"

From the 2003 Rainbow Resources Website: "I want my children to understand that there's more to math than arithmetic, and that math is truly an art, not just a 'get the right answer, please' subject. For much of math is not coming up with one, correct answer; it is conceptual and interesting! However, what a child attains in the way of mathematical understanding is directly related to our expectations of what he can achieve. And the typical math curriculum for younger children reveals much about our expectations. In fact, when Don Cohen presents his program as appropriate for ages seven and up (yes, seven and up), your initial reaction may be that it's just for the gifted. Not so! Mark, at age seven, is ready for most of the concepts explored. In fact, the videotapes are aimed at 6- to 11-year olds. Don's admonition to 'start important math early' is well-grounded in his own experience with young children, and advice we should consider. Young children are naturally fascinated by the 'art' part of math. Iteration and infinite sequences, key concepts in calculus, are delightful to contemplate for a naturally curious six-year-old. Take this beginning example: start with a square, and keep filling in half of the remaining portion (Don supplies a nice gridded square in the Worksheets to illustrate this). Each time, cut the remaining section in half. You get smaller and smaller 'leftovers', but you never fill it all in! Mark found this fascinating, and had no trouble understanding the concept. I found the whole idea behind Don's books and videos intriguing; concepts are presented in an understandable and thought-provoking way, encouraging the student to use hands-on exploration to 'discover' many concepts foundational to calculus. It reminded me somewhat of Miquon, only with more involvement by the reader, and is well suited to questioning minds of all ages. The heart of the course is a small, wire-bound 'text', very brief and clear. Most of this material is repeated, in more usable format for the investigator, in the thick Worksheets book (it is not necessary to purchase both). Print is large, making it more accessible to the young reader, and pages are uncluttered. Don truly has a knack for presenting these ideas and explorations in a way that children quickly become caught up and actively involved in deducing the principles he's leading them to uncover. He teaches techniques of discovery that will improve their ability to solve problems everyday, and not just in the area of math. In fact, several of the explorations include more than a bit of science, as orderly design is evident in creation. The chambered nautilus is studied, as are pineapple leaves, sunflower stalks, light reflection, and a ratio of surface area to volume of rods that leads to a discovery of why rats are nocturnal animals! I got absorbed in the book immediately, pondering his follow-up questions that take you past the immediate discovery, into uncharted waters! Calculus By and For Young People is empowering for anyone who has natural curiosity! As far as implementation, I would suggest using this course here and there throughout elementary ages (perhaps during summer months), and certainly before your student reaches calculus as a regular math course because it teaches the concepts behind the numbers so much better than traditional calculus books. Anyone who can read can be set loose with the Worksheets with no adult intervention; younger children can benefit from the videos. The Infinite Series video parallels chapter 1 in the text and would be a helpful for the teacher who is not confident about this type of math instruction. The Iteration to Infinite Sequences video parallels chapter 8. (Don, the 'Mathman', also teaches workshops using his methods, and has a 'Math by Mail/Email' program.)"
April 2003 From a parent in Canada: Calculus By and For Young People-- Worksheets by Don Cohen is a book of wonderfully visual worksheets which lead young people (and their parents ) into the joy and science that is math at its best. Somewhere between kindergarten and high school graduation the concept of math as a joyful, experimental science disappeared for most of us. The drudgery of repetitious arithmetic with right and wrong answers is NOT the approach taken in Cohen's book. My kids are primarily visual learners who do math in a non linear fashion and suffer with current school curriculum. The workbook's emphasis on ideas rather than methods has supported their learning style and increased their confidence. The author and the young students who work with him present calculus in a format which can be (and is) followed by seven year olds, yet is clear and appealing to all ages. The workbook has been designed by someone familiar with keen problem solvers, as well as math phobes, or those who have become math shy as a result of the standard right/wrong approach. Best of all parent input is rarely needed, (speaking of calculus phobes). Each page deals with options for solving involved calculus problems. You have to flip over the page to see the next step (which helps with my sons who are speed readers and often read the solution before mulling over the problem). All kinds of problem solving options are explored and discussed, with an emphasis on pattern recognition and visual and practical methods of examining calculus problems. Lots of examples share the ways other people solved the problem and explain why they tried what they did in a truly collaborative fashion. The book is designed to be used to work on observing (creating) and solving problems. It is not a text or a curriculum based book. It is a wonderful way to introduce any keen or math shy child to the joy of working on and solving what appear to be difficult problems using examples from real life. Despite the visual format there is a refreshing lack of cute characters or sugary language. You don't need to be a math whiz kid to use this book. Basic knowledge of math and a mind open to exploring are enough to get you in the door and down the path (solving common physical puzzles like the shuttle puzzle and the tower puzzle on your way). In a very nice touch, graph paper of different sizes useful for physically and visually working out the problems, is included in a format for copying at the back of the workbook. Highly recommended!
5 out of 5 stars
Constructing Calculus Concepts-a Method for all Ages, January 27, 1997 from the amazon.com site.

Sure, your children are doing great in elementary school, and that's probably due to the time you have taken to work with them...to prepare them for school. But do you ever wonder what will happen to that success later on when the concepts get tougher--like when they study calculus?

Your children CAN be ready for calculus--and Don Cohen's book, written for young people by young people, will prepare them. "Calculus By and for Young People" will empower your children to construct the conceptual associations necessary to understand calculus. It is as simple as that!

A specialist in Instructional Design and Psychology and a veteran, myself, of calculus training at Iowa State University of Science and Technology, I have used Don's book with learners age 8 through 72 (you are never too old) for three years now. Don's stuff is EXCITING! I give his books as Christmas presents to my favorite nieces and nephews. I take copies of the book on trips, and PLAY at math with the children at the homes I visit.

With Don as a guide and mentor, I love to play with mathematics. I have seen my students jump up in the air with glee when they solve one of Don't challenges--or giggle as they work at an assignment. I have a video tape of my students at work with Cohen's materials. Watching it always amazes me. This is education at its best.

Don Cohen and you. What a team, working together to help your children reach their potential in tomorrow's world.

P.S. Don't think this book is kid-stuff. Your high school student, or college student will benefit from Don's training as much as your younger child. Don't be surprised when your son or daughter confides: "I've been working on this calculus stuff all year, and getting A's, but I never really understood what it all meant, or what I was doing, until I worked through this book. Gee, thanks for helping me out."

Feb. 3, 2003 From the email to Don about an the upcoming algebra course Lori will be teaching,  ".. Don, whatever curriculum I choose I will require that they also get your worksheet book or I may include it with the class fee.  I will be using it to lay the foundation or may use it exclusively.  I will try to give you plenty of notice.." Lori in KC, MO
Antioch University in Seattle , for a number of years, has been using Don's worksheet book as one of 2 resource texts in an INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSE THAT MAY APPLY TOWARDS A TEACHING SPECIALTY, taught by Dr. Nancy Murphy.
A  report from the 23rd Int. Congress of Applied Psychology on a study that tested the effectiveness of Don's calculus program within a lower-socio economic status classroom- done at the U of Northern Colorado by Janie Shaklee, et al.
"A Mathematical Expedition" , chapter 35 of the book 'JOURNEY FROM KILIMANJARO' by Hoover Liddell, who describes his use of Don's book with inner-city kids in SF. He worked as a mathematics teacher in Nigeria, Kenya, and in SF (for 30 years).
Dec. 2, 2002 "My 3rd grader has been working through his text "Calculus By and For Young People." I know you can set up with him as a tutor, too". Found on http://www.teachingmom.com/teachingmom/messages/715.html
October 22, 2002 "I really am thrilled with your worksheet book.  It is precisely the type of experience he craves yet is so hard to find for a child his age.  It is not rigid, allows a child to explore advanced concepts in a variety of different ways, and is the springboard for other discoveries.  This kid was on fire last night".  - Dana, mother of 6 year old Sabi  (Does your child get on fire about math?)
"Dear Don, I received the materials yesterday and am looking forward to working through them with my kids (ages 10, 8 and 6).  My son, Eric (8), was fascinated by your "curriculum", which was used very effectively in a parent-led GATE class here in California. Thank you! Tracy"

July 12, 2002 - (in response to an earlier inquiry about the use of calculators) ' Hi Don.  Thank you for the information on the calculators, and computer programs.
     I first came upon your materials while looking through a Rainbow Resource catalog - the catalog had quite a good write-up on your materials.  From there I did a search for "Don the Mathman"  :o)   on the internet to find out more about the calculus series.  Your internet site was what made me decide yes to the purchase
I really like your gentle attitude about it being OK to make some mistakes and on your video tape (we have only watched the first one) your love of your subject is infectious - I don't think that my children had ever considered math to be something you do because you like it (shame on their mother-me), but just something you do until you get it right so you can go on to something that you actually enjoy.  I just put the first video in to get a feel for what it was about, without inviting anyone to join me and before long three of the younger kids (4, 7, 10) were watching with me (Isaiah - 4 had the construction paper out drawing shapes and filling them in. Simeon - 7 was doing something about cutting his squares out. (I haven't yet gotten our graph paper out).
    We homeschool (for the most part - they take music and occasional other classes at the public school) our children whose ages are 2, 4, 7, 10, 13, 15, and 17 (we also have one grown).
     You are welcome to quote anything I said in my email.
     Thank-you, also, for your offer of help.  It would be a delight to talk to you in person!  :o)   I will keep all of your "help" options in mind and am planning to spend some "quality time" on your website before we jump  with both feet into the Calculus book. 
     Thanks again.  Sincerely, ..' S. C., in Missouri

January 27, 2002 email: Dear Mr. Cohen, I found you on the web when I was looking for math material for young children that would go beyond the usual tiresome 2+2. My daughter is 6. We did 2 of the sample pages. I like your approach about finding out rules and ways of solutions by yourself. Even though I hadn't been bad at math at school myself, I didn't find doing these boring. On the contrary. It looks like I gained some insight whereas school was more a formal usage of given ways of solutions.

My daughter loves math puzzles, which is why she liked to find first the secret numbers for the quadratic equations and then the secret on how to determine the numbers without guessing with me. Being only six she does need some guidance, though, to stay on track. Simple things like where to write the next equation and where to keep some space to preserve clarity and overview. But it was fun for both of us, not a chore at all. ' Dr. G (UK)

From Japan about Don's original book, in Japanese: "Thanks for giving such a beautiful thing to the world"- Yashu Xuan

On January 15, 2002Don received this email: "Dear Don: Your materials are being used by a parent in our school to work with our GATE students. The kids are loving it!!" -BC, principal of a K-4 public school in CA, who had purchased 2 sets of Don's materials in Nov. 2001. See the teaching parent's letter to the other parents and students on Jan 23, 2002.and his update on Feb. 14, 2002 including two more classes!

7/6/01: Pam in Iowa, asked about The Math By Mail/Email program, and told Don on the phone: "Videotape #1 was really helpful in doing the infinite series. My two boys and I followed along, stopped the tape when you told us to, then went on by ourselves. It helped the boys and encouraged them to stay with it. Thank you".



6/28/01 'Dear Don,  My husband was quite impressed by your book "Calculus by and for Young People (Age 7, Yes 7 and Up)," which was translated into Japanese.  He found your website address there.  We have a soon 9-year old daughter and 6-year old son.  Our daughter was born in Pennsylvania, and she will be a 4th grader in an international school from Fall. Her studies are in English, so we thought an English workbook should be useful.  Our son attends a local kindergarten (he starts elementary school next spring).  We feel he enjoys and understands numbers fairly well.  Our aim is to introduce concepts in math in an enjoyable way, so that they see math in everyday life, or in a way that they can relate to easily.  Besides, I feel there is a lot of fun in solving problems together, regardless of age. '- Mari in Yokahama, Japan, upon ordering Don's book and worksheet book in English.

5/20/01 From Bud Weiss' website: 'I literally had fun learning while teaching my son calculus with Don's help at the age of 8 and we were behind a bit as Don's first book from which we worked is titled "Calculus by and for 7 yes 7 Year Olds." Don, the wonderful warm and humorous and wise grandfatherly ( young at that ) figure and voice,  is available for math by mail too and has coached a number of teachers presenting his work in regular elementary schools. I cannot recommend his work enough.  It is what should be used from the beginning for all children. If you were math phobic or have always disliked math, if you spend a while with Don's materials, there is an excellent chance that you will gain that enthusiasm for math you couldn't understand why those math nuts had.''Bud Weiss,  weissbud@aol.com 

December, 18, 2000 Robyn is the mother of a 7 year old boy Ryan. After purchasing all of Don's materials, she started using it, doing math at Ryan's school, with a group of seven 1st-3rd graders, one day a week, for 75 minutes.  

November 2000 'The little book by Don Cohen, I already treasure.  It is a gem, I immediately tried some out on my students ( myself being in the process of telling them about the precarious irrational numbers and the infinitely small) and they took it in as candy.  Tell him he's a great teacher'.- Hugo, from Belgium 

October, 2000 'Your math books have changed the way we approach and think about math. My eldest daughter (16) is taking advanced calculus 12 and advanced physics 12 this year and is really enjoying herself. She read through your books and kept saying, 'Yes, this is right!  This makes so much sense.  Why can't schools teach it this way?' She uses your methods to help others understand math and is highly sought after, recommended, and praised for her tutoring abilities by both students and teachers". --Jean Lau, Don's Canadian distributor-


"..What Brad just discovered [in his cookie-sharing from Chapter 2], explains Don Cohen- a.k.a. The Mathman, and author of this absorbing little book- is an infinite series. From just such simple investigative beginnings, Cohen shepherds young (and older) learners into the beauties and complexities of higher mathematics. Using models, projects, puzzles, pictures, calculators, and self-written computer programs, kids explore many of the classic problems of mathematics- how did Archimedes figure out the area enclosed by a curve?- and discover the principles of functions, integrals, slopes and derivatives, the secrets of the snowflake curves, and the fascinations of the Fibonacci numbers. The book itself is tiny- spiral bound, 3 3/4x5" - but the concepts it encloses are immense. There's an accompanying (and much larger) Worksheets book with [questions leading to the concepts], additional problem suggestions, examples, and [student ] illustrations, plus reproducible graph papers and a detailed bibliography. .."--  from the review of Don's books by Becky Rupp in the July/August 2000 issue of Home Education Magazine.

Mary Pride in her new '99 issue of 'The Big Book of Home Learning' had this to say about Don's materials:"..And that's what this series is about. Playing with interesting aspects of math- the Fibonacci sequence, for example- and learning to think mathematically. None of these materials offer a step-by-step instructional sequence, like a regular math course. Instead, these are explorations in math, a veritable hands-on museum of activities for young children in areas where high-school students fear to tread."

"We've started using Don Cohen's "Calculus By and For Young People (ages 7, yes 7 and up)" with our 8 year old and he loves it." -- Beth C. in Australia

'I received the book and CD and am delighted with both.  My daughter got her first lesson in "calculus!"  I've presented some of your material before, but not in the way you have.  For example, I've asked 5th graders, using the calculators, to sum reciprocals of successive powers of a number (e.g., 1/5 + 1/25 + 1/125 + ...).  Even with fraction calculators they sometimes miss the limit concept.  But with your geometrical approach, my daughter saw it clearly. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but I just wanted to say thanks.  (And you're welcome to quote me!) '   -Fred
Nov. '98 -" .. I found the ways that those young people approached the problems to be very novel and inspiring. The infinite continued fraction solution to the quadratic equation was especially intriguing and beautiful. I was also impressed by the effort and tenacity displayed by one boy who was doing the infinite series of fractions when he wasn't even aware of the rules of fraction addition. Thank you for the wonderful books.."- Perple, math teacher in CA.


July 2, 1998- "I have been telling myself for years that I was going to teach myself calculus. I knew that it would have to be put in simple terms. I looked at the libraries, book stores and colleges for some kind of workbook that would enable me to teach myself. One year, I bought "Schaum's Beginner's Calculus" that included Don's brochure. I thought WOW! NEAT! I needed to preview the book, though. Eventually after getting on the internet I came across Don's web page. He had sample problems from each chapter on his web sight. As I looked at each problem I thought, "Anyone can do this!" I was sold. I got the book and went through it in about 2 weeks. Now I am enrolled in a correspondence calculus course and my grade is 96%! Don's book helped me understand the CONCEPTS better that any other workbook I have purchased. I also gave the problems to my young relatives , the neighbor kids, any kid I can get my hands on. They just love doing them. This book is great for people of all ages. All the people who went through life afraid of math will be cured when they go through Don's worksheet book. It's a must have."
Lori Johnson Morse, teacher, Kansas City, MO

"Yes this is what math learning should be! Fun, heart-pounding, can't wait to share it, excitement for the brain cells!" -from a review in the '98 'Homeschooling in Oregon: The Handbook' by Ann Larson Fisher
A teacher writes:
"Don Cohen's class was superb! Seeing him teach; being taught; and taking this information to my classroom has greatly enriched my students and me. Don's worksheet book has been easy to follow and adapted to my own needs and situations. I actually tore out the worksheet book pages and put them in a spiral notebook, fitting in my work between the appropriate pages. The 'toys' have been great manipulatives for all my students to enjoy and apply to math. His library has been of great value to me. Two thumbs up!" Patricia Plaut, 5th grade teacher. Unit 4 District, Champaign, IL.

Don's book was reviewed in FACHINFORMATIONSZENTRUM
KARLSRUHE No. 5/90 in

"..In summary: when Beth (age 8) received your little book, she didn't want to go to bed that night. When your Worksheets arrived, she didn't want to go to school either! It's hard for plain old school to compete with the intellectual excitement of your ideas. Your approach to helping children build their own understanding of mathematics will profoundly affect their lives. Cheers."--Meg Bennett, Meg Bennett's Almanac, 2255 Algonquin Rd., Niskayuna, NY 12309 (Meg is now homeschooling Beth)
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".. Much lip service is given to education as it ought to be. Your materials guide us to education at its best. It's always exciting and rewarding to work with your materials." --
Debbie Reese, former TAG teacher, grades 6-8, IA (Debbie and her students found 3 mistakes in Don's worksheet book! Needless to say, she and her students have really worked hard and carefully in the worksheet book.)

"Dear Don, I have been using your "Calculus By and For Young People" for two years, and I love it. I was able to convince my Gifted and Talented Education committee to adopt the program as a semi-official program for our small district. CB&FYP works equally well for children who prefer to work along and equally well for co-operative learning... Given the appalling state of general math education in the country, your book is a bright candle in the darkness." -- W. M., elementary math teacher, CA

"..We are certainly enjoying your Calculus book and worksheets. We agree: "This book is not a 1 year course!" Thank you for the joy and light which permeate these books." --
K. T. C., RI, who with his wife, homeschool their 11, 9, and 7 year old children

"..Cohen shows us clear, easy-to-follow steps how some of his students have tackled problems such as sharing 6 cookies evenly with 7 people, which leads to a discussion of infinite series and alternative methods of problem-solving..Cohen's approach to his subject seems likely to defuse the fears of the most calculus-phobic person willing to stick with him. Impressive!"--reviewed by Bruce Kodisch in the
September 1993 issue of The Institute of General Semantics Newsletter

"..On my first toe dipping into your hand book (child size), chapter 1 Infinite Series and skipping for a quick look at what integral calculus is about, how 'on looking into Chapman's Homer' it all is - how aesthetically pleasing it all is. The beauty of the obvious, once you have been shown!-- Dr. M. Greenberg ,


"..But the main attractiveness (of Don's book) is due to an explicit philosophy that children are capable of behaving as mathematicians. ..Somehow we reach an almost formal treatment of integration and differentiation without an integral sign or a dy/dx. But on the way we have been presented with a variety of very accessible problems. .." --reviewed by David Fielker in the Sept. '92 Mathematics Teaching (England)


"..many fresh and revealing insights..a very handy resource.." -- July '93 Undergraduate Mathematics Education Trends, a newsletter of the MAA and AMS


"I was an A students in calculus, but after seeing the work of Don Cohen and his students, I am finally beginning to understand infinite series. This style of work should be part of all calculus courses".--Kevin Kopchynski, mathematics teacher, elementary - high school, Wilbraham, MA.

"I really loved your book! It gave me lots of ideas how to make calculus more fun for my students, and how to relate the excitement of Mathematics to my own children.."--
Doron Zeilberger, mathematics professor, Drexel University.


"..packed with many problems that can be used in almost any classroom.." -- Leonard Yutkins, Oct.'89, Mathematics Teacher (NCTM)


"..Cohen believes strongly in learning mathematics, not by memorizing formulas and notation, but by truly understanding and enjoying it.." --Oct. 89 Educational Leadership (ASCD)


"..I think it will slowly become as popular as it deserves and I hope that it will help many innocent victims of Bourbarki to recover their mental balance.." -- Manuel Ojanguren, Institut de Mathematiques, Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland


"..intriguing little book..The author has a delightful attitude about teaching and learning.."--review in May-June'89 issue of Home Education Magazine.


"I am glad you are emphasizing that young children can do maths." -- W. W. Sawyer, author and mathematics teacher, Cambridge, England.


"..stimulating little book..you are to be congratulated for your daring.." -- Morris Kline, author and mathematics teacher, NYU.


"..very well done.."--Martin Gardner, author and former writer of Mathematical Recreations articles in Scientific American


"This book raises questions for all educators concerning the extent to which students in elementary school should be introduced to problems involving limits of infinite sequences and series.. Cohen's book is puzzling, troubling, provoking, but interesting. Read it."-- Raymond E. Spaulding, in the May '89 Arithmetic Teacher (NCTM)  

About Don's Videotapes:

"What to conventional wisdom appears either impossible or unlikely, this tape and my class's experiences with it, demonstrate that the main concepts presented here are not only possible with young children but fun, engaging and eminently practical. The tape (VT #1) integrates a wide spectrum of math concepts with critical thinking to solve really important math problems. Don uses concrete examples to help children find patterns in the process". --Douglas Elrick, 4th-5th grade teacher, and father of three of Don's former students.

"..seldom do I see students so excited about their discoveries and sharing their methods..What's more exciting, they want to get a hold of some little kids and try it out on theme
.."--Bruce Hamilton, HS math teacher, Colorado Springs School, CO (One of Bruce's student has their discovery in Don's worksheet book).

"The Cohen videotape on infinite series is an excellent inservice for teachers. The tape demonstrates how to engage children's minds and shows alternate ways to study mathematics other than workbook fill-in-the-blanks".--
Marjorie Klein, kindergarten teacher and mother of two of Don's students.

"..Especially appealing is your non-threatening approach where analytical concepts, such as geometrical series, are made visually understandable to young children in terms of what they can grasp.. Congratulations on an excellent achievement. I can strongly recommend and endorse this educational tool to all ages. Even my university level students could benefit from an exposure to your concepts
".-- Richard E. Klein, PH.D., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and father of two of Don's students.

"If you've never had algebra, this half hour tape (VT#2) will teach you the basics of functions and iteration. It will show you how to do iteration by hand or with a calculator. You'll see that even children of ages 6 and 7 can solve iteration problems". --
John Zarella, Microcomputer Applications

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